17. Heroes at Home: Deianira

This week we meet an unlikely hero, Deianara. Can this fearful, anxious woman, blamed for the death of Heracles, be considered a hero? We think so!


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Source Passages

Sophocles Trachiniae (Women of Trachis) 1-48, 436-469.

Translation Sources

Sophocles. Women of Trachis. Translated by Michael Jameson. Edited by Greene and Lattimore. Chicago, 1957.

Selected Sources

Edwin Carawan. “Deianira’s Guilt.” Transactions of the American Philological Association 40 (130): 2000, 189-237.

Shout Outs & Notes

Literature and History podcast by Doug Metzger

The History of Ancient Greece podcast by Ryan Stitt

The Story Behind podcast by Emily

The Lonely Pallet podcast by Tamar Avishai

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This week’s theme music: “Super Hero” by King Louie’s Missing Monuments from the album “Live at WFMU” (2011). Used under Creative Commons license. Music used under Creative Commons license and available from Free Music Archive.

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